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At least in the eyes of those observing you. A study from the University College London states there "may be a preference for 'naturals' over 'strivers' in performance judgments.

This part, to me, makes sense. When we observe a virtuoso performance, we marvel at the performance, not the effort. We only see someone who makes it look easy. We don't immediately think of all the steps it took for Mark Cuban to become a judge on Shark Tank.

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We just assume he landed there on pure talent. The intense beat of startup life may be doing a profound disservice to our businesses and careers.

According to the study, "people tend to pass over better-qualified individuals in favor of apparent naturals. While I don't dispute the findings, I wrestle with the notion that those seen as hard workers may be viewed in negative light. But yet, when I challenge myself to dig deeper, I can recall many times when I dismissed high performance as a gift to the one performing.

The study goes even further, stating that "despite being presented with entrepreneurs equal in achievement" those perceived as naturals are selected.

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In the entrepreneurial world, you could point to overachievers like Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary exploded onto the digital scene in as if from nowhere.

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I know, I was in the audience at his breakout keynote session for the Web 2. In reality, Gary didn't land on stage at the Web 2. But to those in the audience that day - it did in fact, seem so. HBO has yet to comment.

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According to a September update on George R. Martin blogged his excitement , adding that he would personally work on the project alongside Cogman.

I am done with Westeros. George R.

Urban Engagement Book Club: Heartland: A Memoir of Working Hard and Being B...

Martin remains deeply interested in the fictional history of Westeros, so it seems highly likely that whatever new series we do eventually get will take place before the events of Thrones. As early as , George R. These stories take place around 90 years before the events of Game of Thrones.

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