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The Personalized Attention You Deserve. Moses Waddel appears to have been a frail child, yet this did not deter his parents from sending him, at age six, to a neighborhood school, where he made good progress in reading and writing. The invasion of the backcountry by British soldiers caused a suspension of the school in , but when it reopened two years later Waddel was again a pupil.

He remained at Clio's Nursery until ; his studies included Latin, Greek, arithmetic, geometry, and ethics. Though only fourteen at the time he left Clio's, Waddel was offered the position of teacher in a school located a short distance from his home. There he instructed seven pupils in Latin and "twenty or more in the ordinary English branches.

For the next few years he taught in several other Georgia schools. By his parents had also moved to Greene County, being convinced that the land offered good opportunities for farming. Religion played a minor part in Waddel's life until he was a young man of nineteen. At that time Presbyterian missionaries who had been sent from North Carolina awakened his interest and led him to unite with the church; a decision to enter the ministry soon followed.

Obituary | MOSES JAMES PRIOLEAU, JR. of GEORGETOWN, South Carolina | Wilds Funeral Home

He was graduated in September and the following May received from Hanover Presbytery his license to preach. At his own request Waddel was dismissed from the care of Hanover and received by South Carolina Presbytery, where he served in an interim capacity as minister to the people of James Island, John's Island, Wadmalaw Island, and Dorchester.

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In April he accepted the call to a charge in Georgia, identified only as Carmel Church, and there was ordained as a Presbyterian minister. The Reverend Francis Cummins, one of his first teachers, preached the ordination sermon. But Waddel could not long resist the classroom, for soon he had organized a school outside the village of Appling in Columbia County.

Three years later he moved the school to Willington, about six miles away, and there began an academy for boys that became one of the better-known institutions of the antebellum South. Its location was on a high ridge near the river, in a community that had been settled by Scots-Irish and Huguenots. The first building was a two-room log structure that was soon replaced by one with four classrooms and a chapel.

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Students obtained board and lodging in the homes of nearby residents and studied in small brick or log huts clustered around the main building. The curriculum was heavily weighted in favor of the classics, and the quality of instruction resulted in a remarkable number of graduates who, for their day, were well educated. Estimates of enrollment ranged from to students per year, with the total number of students coming under Waddel's influence at Willington being perhaps as many as 4, Willington Academy is also remembered for its system of student government.

Monitors, who were apparently not regarded as detectives, were appointed to supervise the various classes, and each Monday morning these monitors brought cases of rules infractions before a jury of five students.

The student court was presided over by a teacher, with Waddel holding the position of final arbiter. The list of students who were enrolled at Willington is noteworthy. Among the names are William H. Crawford, a pupil in the Appling school and an assistant at Willington; John C. Calhoun, A.

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  • Obituary | MOSES JAMES PRIOLEAU, JR. of GEORGETOWN, South Carolina | Wilds Funeral Home;

Collier, governor of Alabama; George R. Gilmer and Thomas W.

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