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So, probability of A wining the game is 0. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Finding the probability of winning an interrupted game.

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Ask Question. The Question: A game between two players consists of tossing a coin. My Attempt: My reasoning to solve this question is similar to that of Roberval's. According to initial conditions A has 5 points. According to initial conditions B has 3 points. A scores a point if the random number is even.

B scores a point if the random number is odd. The first player to score 6 points wins.

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Azelf Azelf 20 3 3 bronze badges. As I explained in the question this reasoning is flawed. Azelf 20 3 3 bronze badges. Ross Millikan Ross Millikan k 24 24 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. I got it.

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I have already installed the game multiple times and also on different consoles and it still does it. My NAT type is also open. Is anyone else experiencing this? At this point any help is appreciated. Show More Show Less. Nobody else has this problem? I have never seen this before, but Is it during matchmaking games or some kind of custom game? Are the multiple consoles you tested all in the same home network? Are the multiple consoles both wired, both wireless, or different? I would rule your home network out with "The Starbucks test. The easiest way to do this would be start up a cellular Wi-Fi hotspot on a phone and connect your Xbox One console to that network.

I have the same problem I get kicked so much when on the map loading screen.

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I restart my console and it'll work for a couple matches. MetaIzone wrote:. I have the same issue.

For a while the only game I could play was h3 lone wolves. I have the same issue, also when I'm playing online with a friend it almost never lets me start matchmaking. It says "Cannot start because of idling players" Neither of us are ever idling when this message appears.

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It's so frustrating. I was able to get on more playlists last night after I finished downloading the campaigns. So maybe the connection interrupted during map load issue is tied to only having multiplayer installed?